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One on one sessions designed specifically for that individual and their goal set. Whether you are looking to lose body fat, increase performance, gain lean mass, or improve health markers 1 on 1 training is the fastest route to your goals! Workout programs are fully customized, and follow a scientific progression in order to ensure steady progress.


Buddy Training is a great way to challenge yourself along side a friend or family member! The workouts still provide individualized attention, and are a fun way of working towards your goals! 

Buddy training can work great for begginers, and advanced workout enthusiasts alike! 


Small groups consisting of three to five people.  A great way to get friends, family, or coworkers involved with your healthy lifestyle! I LIFT Groups focus on the exercises being performed correctly, while ensuring a great workout. 




A personal plan written by your coach. Program Design is the perfect blueprint for those with weight training experience looking to improve their body composition or performance. 

Every 4-6 weeks clients will receive new workouts to keep them progressing at a rapid pace. Your coach will guide you through the program for the first workout to ensure proper form, and answer any questions on the workout.

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