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Training philosophy:

Integrated, holistic, individualized, educational, progressive, scientifically driven and continuously evolving, intentional, and needs analysis to guide process. We understand and teach movement as a tool to help everyone achieve their desired goal in the shortest time possible!

Areas of expertise and specialization:

For 2 decades Glen has worked with individuals from most professional sports (nhl mlb, nfl), collegiate athletes, and high school respectively. In addition to strength training for sports, Glen has also helped hundreds of executives, stay at home moms, and retirees with their personal wellness goals. Glen is well versed in pre and post rehabilitation programs, reducing a1c, improving blood pressure, reducing body fat, and concussion prevention/rehab to name a few. Above all else, Glen is willing to work with anyone that is intentional about achieving their goal!

Recent education and modalities applied:

Pnce level 3 coach, level 1 &2 weightlifting Canada, coach ma’s intensive Chinese weightlifting applied course, z-health applied functional neurology essentials course. His primary tools in the field are, but not limited to: metabolic analytics (biosignature modulation-previously), soft tissue modalities similar to a.r.t., fascial abrasion technique, and electrons + guided Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency (pemf) practitioner, environmental health symposium attendee 2019 (medical conference), Brimhall homecoming attendee 2019-2023 (medical conference). CPR certified.

Glen was born and raised in Quebec city Canada, speaks fluently in French, and lived 23 very cold years in and around the capital city! Growing up he played most “ball” sports, but his heart and passion directed him to competitive baseball. For almost 15 years Glen participated and competed at the highest levels and won gold at the nationals and bronze respectively. Immediately after his career as an athlete, Glen was hired as a strength and conditioning coach for a high school student athlete program and also the university men’s and girls’ soccer teams.

Glen’s desire to perform and be the best on the field did not end with his athletic career but fueled and guided his path as a strength and health coach. His desire to learn from the best led him to Arizona, where he worked with and under the late Charles Poliquin. Glen’s time with Poliquin was invaluable and allowed him to hone his skill and create a base of knowledge that would guide his training style for years to come. This base and continued thirst for knowledge and information facilitated several other positions as strength and conditioning director, general manager, and eventually business owner.

Glen is happily married to Brittany Rodrigue, and has 2 boys; Neo and Luke.

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